Witchmark is the brand name we have chosen to represent the range of whiskies and white spirits that we will be making at our distillery. The name comes from the medieval witch marks carved into the stone walls and oak beams in the buildings we call home, designed to ward off evil spirits and protect those working and living inside.

Our stills are being made in Italy by Frilli srl, a manufacturer of world renoun. We are expecting delivery at Fonthill Bishop in early June with installation and commissioning taking place before the end of the month. Production to start soon thereafter.

Alongside our house single malt we will be producing single cask and double cask whiskies and a number of limited edition single malts, matured and finished in a variety of different cask types.

We will use some of the low wines from our wash still (that ordinarily would have been distilled further to make new make spirit to become whisky) to produce our own neutral grain spirit to make our range of single estate gins, vodkas and botanical spirits.