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The Wiltshire Distilling Company

Set in the heart of South West Wiltshire, the beautiful nine-thousand-acre Fonthill Estate provides us with the perfect setting and surroundings to make the finest English whiskies.

Our distillery will be in a Grade 2 listed barn. Alongside, a magnificent stone grain drying barn will be our visitor centre and shop. All located in the home village of Fonthill Bishop.

We will use the very best ingredients from the crops growing on the prime chalk downlands that surround us, mixed with Fonthill’s pure water, naturally filtered through limestone rock on its journey to our bottles.

Producing single malt, single grain and blended whiskies that are single estate as well.

Wiltshire Distilling LOgo Icon

Our Brands

Witchmark Distillery logo

Witchmark is the brand name we have chosen to represent the range of whiskies and white spirits that we will be making at our distillery. The name comes from the medieval witch marks carved into the stone walls and oak beams in the buildings we call home, designed to ward off evil spirits and protect those working and living inside.

Stone Daisy Brewery logo

Stone Daisy is our beer brand. Witch marks are often referred to as hexafoils or daisy wheels and with our 'daisy wheels' carved in stone, Stone Daisy was an obvious name for the brewery that not only produces the beer wash that is distilled to make our whisky new make spirit but also our range of cask, keg, canned and bottled beers.

Our Mission

To build an exceptional internationally recognised English whisky distillery, producing premium and ultra-premium spirits under our Witchmark brand. Our unique perspective on Britishness will drive an unwavering curiosity for flavour development and production methodology.

To underpin the provenance and quality of our spirits using the beer wash produced in our craft brewery brand Stone Daisy.

All with our commitment to sustainability, drawing on the backdrop of the Fonthill Estate and Wiltshire to create a long-lasting credible story.

The Founders

Alistair Munro photo

Alistair Munro

Founder + MD

"I have over 20 years' experience running a number of businesses in the advertising and marketing industry. Now it's time to address my passion for whisky!"

Jon Carson photo

Jon Carson

Founder + Commercial Director

"My background is in sales and marketing, with strong experience in the drinks sector. I will rise to the challenge of promoting my own drinks brands"

Eddie Large photo

Eddie Large

Founder + Head of Operations

"For the last fourteen years I have run my own award winning brewery. I'm very much looking forward to producing whisky as well"

Our Amazing Non-Execs

James Espey photo

James Espey


"I have over 50 years building global brands in the Whisky industry. And now, I find myself so excited about my final major project - Wiltshire whisky!"

Richard Bancroft photo

Richard Bancroft


"I have strategic UK and US corporate development experience in a quoted spirits business, and have more recently taken my privately controlled niche food manufacturing company from start up to sale"

Antonia Jamison photo

Antonia Jamison


"I am passionate about building drinks brands and helping founders deliver their vision, I have been searching for the right team and moment to build an exceptional English whisky brand and am delighted to be part of this exciting story"

Beanie Espey photo

Beanie Espey


"Having spent the past 10 years working principally in Scotch Whisky, I am excited to be delving into the high-potential English Whisky category. The spectacular location of our Wiltshire distillery is the cherry on the cake!"

Gin + Botanical Spirits

We will also produce a range of gins and botanical spirits inspired by our beautiful surroundings.

Our single-estate gins will be made from neutral grain spirit produced in our own stills at above 96% ABV. We will produce a selection of gins from a number of recipes.

Making our own neutral grain spirit means we are also producing our own vodka - made in Wiltshire! We will be working closely with UK charity Plantlife (plantlife.org.uk) to establish, grow and maintain stocks of juniper, the base botanical for gin, on the chalk downlands of the Fonthill Estate.

Our botanical spirits will be made from the new make spirit that would have become whisky had it been left to mature in a cask for at least three years.

This new make spirit will be re-distilled with a range of botanicals and aged in oak casks for a few months to produce a spirit drink helping to drive the establishment of a new category.

Great Bustard

The Great Bustard, prominent on the Wiltshire flag, will be a feature of our brand identity reinforcing our commitment to sustainable practices.

These birds are a missing piece of UK wildlife heritage, artificially removed from the ecosystem due to over zealous trophy hunters. They were extinct in the UK from 1832 but have been re-introduced to nearby Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire where a breeding programme is now underway.

Amazingly, the Great Bustard was found on the Fonthill Estate for the first time soon after the idea for a whisky distillery was conceived.

Great Bustard